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6 Feb

Umlando Hitmaker Toss Named Billiato’s First Ambassador

Launched in 2021, Billiato A Taste Of Wealth, South Africa’s fast-growing liquor brand, recently ranked as one of the best-selling liqueurs in the country has now announced their first brand ambassador – Toss! 

Pholoso Masombuka, affectionately known as Toss, made massive airplay with his hit single “uMlando” accompanied by a dance challenge that broke the internet. Heavily inspired by the iconic Brown Dash, Mandoza, Msawawa and Zola, the 23 year old is described as the new age pantsula. 

I am so humbled to be the new brand ambassador for Billiato, I feel as though this is the beginning of many beautiful things for me and my career. Thank you to Cassper Nyovest and the entire team at Billiato for this honour. I am thrilled to be part of this magnificent team and I can’t wait to expand the taste of wealth with my fans!” says Toss. The fast-rising talent continues to make strides in the Amapiano music scene.

Businessman and rapper Cassper Nyovest, explains the inspiration behind the name Billiato as a state of mind. “It is in fact my nickname, taken from the word Billion, it is also deeply rooted in the culture found in the Vaal as they consider themselves as Italians, so it’s ghetto fabulous,” says Nyovest.  “We are delighted to welcome and introduce my brother Toss to the Billiato family, with this venture, the goal is to take Billiato to even greater heights ”, added Cassper.


In recognition of the spirit of inclusivity and innovation, Billiato has officially signed the very talented and charismatic artist Toss. The collaboration between a norm-busting style icon Cassper Nyovest and Toss, the Umlando hit maker and trend-setter has everyone’s tongue twitching. Taking to Twitter, Cassper Nyovest shared a set of photographs from the impressively executed campaign. It is safe to say these two artists are not taking his foot off the gas. “I’ve been a great fan of Cassper Nyovest for years, so the launch of this collaboration is a proud moment for me. When he approached me with the concept of this deal, I didn’t even think twice about jumping on the ship because the Billiato brand resonates with me and so many people out there,” said Toss.  

In a statement shared with Nounouche, Cassper Nyovest said, “When we were conceptualizing the TV commercial, we had him making an appearance on the ad. The team loved him so much that we ended up coming with an official ambassador deal. He represents what my brand represents, which is black excellence. Moreover, the fact that we have been acquaintances for a while now, it made the whole collaboration extraordinary. Not only to us but to the fans as well. This is a moment to celebrate. We speak so much about brands collaborating and accomplishing such collaborations is a big win for us,” said Toss. 

The eye-catching photoshoot that finds had Toss laying in the bathtub half-naked, concealed with nothing but gold chains had people applauding the details and the execution of it. On twitter, most people pointed out the parallel resemblance of the campaign photographs for Billiato and the half-naked bathtub photoshoot featuring the late Hip Hop icon: 2 Pac‘s 1996 “Becoming Clean” photoshoot with David LaChapelle. Cassper Nyovest gave an account of why they drew inspiration from that shoot. “When I see Toss, I see Pac. Toss is undeniably a trend-setter who is building a legacy. I’m all about that. Legacy! So it just made sense to draw inspiration from Tupac.” 

Toss wants to change the perspective that people have on him and believes that this new brand collaboration paves a new path for him. “I’m working on releasing an EP for this year. I desire to change the way they look at me. Most people still see me as a “challenge creator” but I’m beyond that. With this brand ambassador deal, this was the first step of me showing that I’m a versatile artist. I’m excited to exhibit another side of me. Cassper Nyovest gave me that platform. When he showed me Tupac’s images from the 1996 Becoming Clean shoot, I knew I could pull it off. Recreating it was very exhilarating for me. Honestly. It goes without saying that the brand will be represented sufficiently,” the AmaPiano star affirmed. I couldn’t agree more! 

One excited fan said, “I can already see the vision. Toss is going to flood the streets of Mzansi with the brand bro.”


That’s exactly what this collaboration will do. Both artists Cassper Nyovest and Toss do not want to just flood the streets of Mzansi with the brand but the whole world! 

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