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5 May

Surviving Cutthroat Entertainent Industry – Lady Du

Image: Supplied

Award-winning musician Duduzile Ngwenya whose career in the music industry spans over decades has shared pearls of wisdom for up and coming artists.

The talented singer and songwriter who is affectionately known as Lady Du, shared important tips for surviving this cutthroat entertainment industry.

According to the Amapiano sensation who has been in the entertainment industry since she was 10-years-old, to survive the industry people need to be informed and respect the opportunity like any other normal job. 

She also shared that people need to start looking into side hustles outside of the industry.

Explaining to Nounouche why she encourages such, the Johannesburg-born musician said it is because if something happens to them one day and they are unable to work they can be well taken care of and can rely on whatever they have built outside of music.

Her pearls of wisdom also come directly after she shared that music managed to get her a house and six cars which she saved for over the past years.

Image: Supplied

Lady Du, who recently changed management after she publicly spoke out about being exploited by her previous management, said that saving is important to her.

The talented songbird who comes from a musical family shared that the music industry is a very unpredictable space and nothing lasts forever.

“Which I why I always advise people that every chance that they get they must save as there are a lot of uncertainties and the money might come very handy one day,” she said.

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