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9 Aug

This is Nounouche!

As a little girl I dreamt of being in magazines, owning one, and because I read a lot of them, all I wanted was inspired by that world. My step-mother always bought magazines and at school I was known to have the latest issue of most hot magazines back then. I was fortunate to find Ms Nzinga Qunta on Twitter many years ago and joined her team at Jucy Africa as an intern. My dream of working on a magazine had come true. I met all my childhood heroes, shot incredible productions for the magazines under her leadership, my world was perfect. I honed my writing skills there.

The late and amazing Ms Yolisa Qunta took over the reigns as editor and together we made magic. She had a passion for words and every story was told with love and at times with humour if not deserving of its absolute earnestness. At one point I almost joined City Press as an investigative journalism intern under the leadership of Ms Ferial Haffajee and Nicki Gules, whom I admire greatly.

Fast forward to the end of 2021, I had found a job in Germany, ready to move, had a lover or more there and a flat to move into. Shortly after the the passing of an old spiritual friend Frank, I took time to reflect on the decision to move and what came to me was a peaceful no, not yet. My dreams were screaming louder in a quest to be realised. I started Nounouche. A brand that was initially to be a fashion label with one of my best friends Tamara Leidenberg, whose fashion journey sent her back to the land of her creators, Germany.

Nounouche went live for the first time in January 2022 and we went on to partner with remarkable, celebrated creative minds; Sekelwa Mpambo, Lesego Kgosimalao, Katlego Mokubyane and roped in some of the most talented journalists; Mpiletso Motumi, Dimakatso Motau, Quincy Mahlangu and our in house relationships guru Sinovuyo Sitinga. Who can forget Herbert Chaunzwa! There is no Nounouche without him, our graphics and web designer.

Mihlali Ndamase as a first cover was a no-brainer. She has built her empire right in front of our eyes and it has been a joy watching her grow. She has achieved a lot for a 25-year old and we cannot wait to see what she gets to accomplish in the next few years. A fave to many, harshly judged by some but one thing we all know is that, her career is off to even greater heights. Releasing this cover on women’s month is a huge honour for us as a team, we get to highlight the lives and work of all women, celebrate women in their complexities and shine their light even brighter, the same way Yolisa would have.

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