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14 Jul

Fatal Seduction: A Tale Of Seductive Vengeance

Have you ever been in a love triangle? I’m certain it doesn’t get more dramatic than Fatal Seduction.

The stunning cinematography and the sensational storylines are not the only things that have kept the drama’s intensity alive and at a meandering pace. The powerful performances by the Fatal Seduction’a leading men; Ntuthuzelo Prince Grootboom, Thapelo Mokoena and Nat Ramabulane. Nounouche spoke to the cast in an exclusive interview. No spoilers! 

If you haven’t seen the new Netflix series Fatal Seduction, you’re definitely missing out! The dramatic erotic thriller has been trending on its debut week with favourable feedback from fans globally, which bodes significantly well for the series. Besides the steamy scenes that have everyone’s tongue waging, Fatal Seduction occasionally glances at themes like a flawed judicial system that sometimes work for us or against us but most of that remains surface-level. 


Exceptional. That is how one would describe Prince Grootboom. In the new hit series, he plays the character of Jacob Tau who falls in love with his professor Nandi Mahlati portrayed by Kgomotso Christopher and instantly his world turns upside down. Not wanting to reveal much about his storyline, Prince says that he connected with his character on an emotional level especially when it comes to mental health issues. One of the core traits of the show is mental health and how different people deal with their traumatic experiences. In part, he reveals that he had a friend who passed on by suicide hence, he’s thankful that the show gave him the platform to highlight that mental health should not be a taboo subject. 

Best known for shows such as Jiva and 1802 Love Defies Time, Prince Grootboom is becoming a familiar face on our screens. With his recent character, he brings fierceness and his face is one of the most prominent faces on our screens right now. The audience has been gushing and intrigued by the heated sex scenes in the show and Prince spoke to us in depth about how it wasn’t nerve-wracking to perform those. “We went in prepared. We knew we had to give remarkably centred performances within the heart of the series. With people like Kate, who was our intimacy co-ordinator, we went to shoot these explicit scenes very much prepared and comfortable,” he added. 


Not a stranger on our screens, Thapelo Mokoena reveals that with his role as Leonard Mahlati, he learnt to confront his fear of drowning. “When I was a child, I nearly drowned. Throughout my life, I’ve had a very complex relationship with swimming so in the series there’s a point where I have to confront water. That for me was a mental moment, it wasn’t just a mere scene,” and continues to add that since shooting the series, he has been going through professional swimming lessons for two months. Yep, you heard it here! 

The arcs of this show are beyond what South African television has done before. Being married in real life, Thapelo Mokoena says he had in-depth conversations with his wife before taking the role. “My partner respects my art and having these conversations with her about my role was not a matter of asking for permission but rather reassuring them and creating a safe space for both of us,” Thapelo says. It all boils down to storytelling and respecting your craft, as Thapelo puts it when asked about how he prepared for such a role. 

He further adds that “Netflix has introduced a new way of storytelling into the world. Although I have done intimacy scenes in the past, it was my first time working with an intimacy set coach who held our hands.” Mokoena spoke candidly about his cast members, when speaking of Prince Grootbom he stated that he gave off “a generation-defining kind of performance” and we couldn’t agree more. 


Popular for his role in Muvhango as Tendamudzimu, he best describes his role as complex and he approached the role with muted yet intentional gravity. The Muvhango star remains driven by his craft and brings intensity to every cast role he gets including his recent character, Vuyo Mahlati, who is on a quest for redemption.

Having a complicated relationship with his brother, Leonard Mahlati, and a haunting past he seemingly cannot escape, Vuyo merges drama with what occasionally seems like a journey to retribution. About his character, Nat Ramabulana says, “There is a huge difference between Vuyo Mahlati and the previous characters I have played. With Vuyo, the series offers him an open space to ask the difficult questions in the room and even though his principles are questioned to a certain extent, he has no limits for getting to the bottom of the truth.” Then again, he didn’t want to give away too much. 

The series remains one of the most hyped South African productions of this year and it’s worth it. Fans are already asking for season 2. Fatal Seduction is now streaming on Netflix if you haven’t already binged the series!

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