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3 Feb

Step Up Your “Rich Aunty” Game – Lingerie Edition

Image by Lingerie Addict

Along with the pandemic, came the purge of the 2015-2018 “Insta baddie with a BBL” aesthetic that was popularised by quintessential baddie mommas such as Kylie Jenner and Cardi B. The upside to this purge is that it ushered in sub-genres of the Insta Baddie aesthetic and even gave room for alternative aesthetics to get their time in the sun. A favourite emerging aesthetic that quickly caught fire, is the “rich aunty” or “black girl luxury” aesthetic. It is quite simply *chef’s kiss* in my opinion.

The themes underpinning the rich aunty aesthetic are indulgence, luxury, wealth, elegance, wellness and leisure – just general “soft living” as the cool kids call it. This is important to keep in mind when choosing which intimate wear items pair well with these themes. The “rich aunty” gives us short manicured nails instead of stiletto; she peppers her outfits with understated designer items such as LV sunglasses or a silk Fendi scarf, She gives us a soft glam instead of striking cut creases and brows. As opposed to being “unapologetic, audacious and bold”, the “rich aunty” exudes a confidence that is matured and refined like fine wine. This confidence is laced with just the right balance of dark and light feminine energy and has presence in every room. Another reason this aesthetic has caught on the trend winds is that it presents as more attainable in terms of body type; not everyone has the type of body structure to pull of a tight-fitting cut-out jumpsuit.

So now that we’ve covered what the “rich aunty” wears and what themes underpin her style in public; the pressing question is; what is she wearing underneath all of that? What is her style like away from the public eye? And the answer to this question is what brings us to this next section. So if, like me, you want to emulate this aesthetic to the last tee, then here’s where we get intimate. Here are some intimate wear items to add.

Image by Atelier Bordelle

Harness Lingerie

Yes, you read that right.  The evolution of the harness is as peculiar as is it is rich in history. What the modern harness lingerie gives you is versatility okay? Okay! This girl caters to all niche aesthetics from fetish and grunge to dark academia and now luxury. Depending on the type, harness underwear can be worn as a statement piece and stunning addition to underwear pieces you already have or…or even as addition to a casual outfit. But two types of harness pair well with luxury and the “rich aunty” aesthetic – the gutter harness and chain harness.  Gutter for the sultry elegance and the chain for that added glam, either pick are great to have in your collection.

The “Stella Got Her Groove Back” Robe/Kimono

This robe represents that OG 1960s luxury girl nostalgia. It is guaranteed that your body will instantly neither feel nor move the same in this robe. This robe elicits unparalleled feelings of confidence and comfortability in your femininity. Your dark inner feminine squeals in delight when you’re in this robe. In this robe, you are Eartha Kitt in her prime.  This robe also works great as a finishing touch to lounge wear that can be worn around close friends in a private setting.

Image by Lingerie Addict

Lavish and Delicate Lingerie Set

A must-have staple. This lingerie set (2 or 3 piece) pairs perfectly with the type of textures synonymous with ostentatious luxury – high quality lace and silks, detailed embroidery and fine linen.  She is pricey, but she is worth the coins and as a bonus, is always a win for baecations *wink*.

Silk/Satin Pyjama Set

Part of the rich aunty lifestyle is travel and an unforgivable crime while on vacation would be worn-out cotton pyjamas with “Sleepy Boss Girl” printed all over. The silk/satin pyjama set is your friend, comes complete with a pair of short or long-sleeved pyjamas, a matching bralet and shorts, and finally a matching short gown.

FYI, when in either of the above – this is the energy we are channeling!

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