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13 Oct

Skin Care and Make Up Influencers Making It Big On TikTok

Today, one can’t mention drivers behind major cultural shifts in global pop culture without mentioning the once-a-dancing-app-for-kids-but-now-most-downloaded-app that is TikTok. The rise of TikTok and its freakish success — a refreshing revolution for collective self expression on social media —is something to be studied and unpacked on its own, but what we do know is that it has changed EVERYTHING. It has especially changed influencer marketing and has ushered in a new era in content creation, one that doesn’t require content that is perfectly shot and perfectly curated with colour-coded hyper edits, in order to be recognised or go viral. We look at local skincare and make up TikTokers who’ve taken full advantage of the app, providing us a few fun-filled seconds of education and information on makeup and skin care. 

1. Tshepo Mohasoane | @tshepomohasoane

@tshepomohasoane Once I’ve started my routine I’m going to bed 😅 #skintok #skincaresouthafrica #hydratedskinishealthyskin #wearspfdaily #skincarehumor ♬ You want me to serve cvnt tonight – ThickyRicky

She has over 75K followers and boasts just over 2 million likes on TikTok. The aesthetics student integrates one of the most popular features of TikTok in her videos – miming over popular or trending sounds. Unlike the others whose large audience exist mostly on TikTok, Thato has a decent following on Instagram and is just as active on the platform. She’s an all-round skin care plug – from reviewing both pricey and affordable products, to education on ingredients, how-tos and much more. If you’re not a big fan of long videos with long voice overs, she’s your girl. 

2.Thabile Handle | @justblacknificent_thabi

@jusblacknificent_thabi #satitok🇿🇦 #southfricantiktok🔥🇿🇦🇿🇦 #10pmchallenge ♬ original sound – Balooba

Thabile has just over 43K followers and 322.7K likes and she’s a fan favourite especially among the more mature Tik Tokers. Her content is geared towards skincare not just for the face, but for the body as well. She’s a charming lady with an infectious laugh and a big personality – something that works in any content creator’s favour when taking on TikTok; authenticity and personality win over aesthetics each time on TikTok. She integrates various TikTok features including miming over trending sounds, dancing and vlogging. She’s quite the comedian as well, often getting her followers to engage by making light fun of some of their “skin care concoctions” and hacks. 

3. Jemma | @Jemmasmakeup

@jemmasmakeup what song should i do next ? 💙 #harryshouse #harrystyles #makeup #mua #trend #viral #tiktoksa ♬ Daylight – Harry Styles

The 18 year old began making videos at the tender age of 16 and is already sitting at well over 4.1 million likes with over 118K followers. This impressive teen and artist specialises in highly skilled creative make up looks. Her content is characterised by skilful transitions or “before and after” looks. Her lools are bold, colourful, playful and creative – great for anyone wanting to learn make up beyond soft glams and the usual ”facebeat”.

4. Andile Hazel

@andile_hazel Asizameni ngane zakwethu🥺#hazelandile #makeup #mzansitiktok #tiktoksouthafrica ♬ original sound – Andile Hazel

Andile brings something very unique to make up content creation – she does her make up tutorials in Zulu using products the average South African can afford. She brings a “tough love make up aunty” vibes to her audiences, regularly calling them out for things such as “knowing a man’s number off by heart but not knowing how to draw eyebrows”. She’s also just as active on Instagram and has garnered quite the following. With over 276K followers and 1,9 million likes, she’s a fan favourite among her audience.

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