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28 Jul

Shaun Andile Naki

Shaun Andile Naki, also known as “Shaun Stylist,” was born in Ekurhuleni, Johannesburg. He is a man of many talents, including being a DJ/Artist, businessman, fashionista, philanthropist, and reality TV star. One standout feature of Shaun Stylist is his eccentric dress sense, which perfectly matches his lively and dynamic personality. Through his fashion choices, he leaves a distinctive mark wherever he goes, gaining attention and admiration from those he interacts with.

Shaun has recently released an Amapiano track ‘JJ Phakathi’ under Warner Music Africa. In an interview with IOL, he shared that “The song is about encouraging people to go for anything they want to achieve – even beyond and outside the music industry; but any goal that they visualise can be materialised.” Shaun’s journey with music began long before his fashion success. From his days as a young boy in Sunday school, singing church hymns, he discovered his love for music. The dream of becoming a global music star has stayed with him throughout the years, even as he embraced the roles of a devoted father and husband. Now, Shaun is reigniting the passions of his youth and pursuing his musical aspirations with determination. The evidence of Shaun’s musical prowess can be seen on the popular social media platform TikTok, where a snippet of his single garnered close to half a million views. This level of interest from fans and followers is a testament to his ability to captivate and shift the room whenever he enters it.

With his unique style, personality, and talent, Shaun Stylist is poised to take the music industry by storm. From his roots in Ekurhuleni to his foray into fashion and now the music world, Shaun’s journey is an inspiring tale of passion, and the pursuit of dreams. As he continues to make strides in various creative spheres, we eagerly await the next chapter in the ever-evolving saga of Shaun Stylist – the man who defies convention and leaves a lasting impression wherever he goes.

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