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26 Oct

Samke Mhlongo on Surviving Divorce!

Shared, relatable experiences are important and media personality Samke Mhlongo is here to ensure that other women don’t make the same mistakes that she made. 

The talented TV and Radio star has penned her first book ‘Ringfence‘ which delves into financial literacy, exploring financial, psychological and legal themes.

Speaking to Nounouche, Samke revealed that it was her divorce experience that pushed her to pen the book.

“As a private banker I was experiencing financial challenges, I realized that they were all caused by the fact that I didn’t adequately prepare for the divorce as it can have a negative financial impact.” 

“Also in the midst of it all I also learnt that these were not just driven by a lack of financial understanding as I had it, it was a lack of legal understanding, a hold over my emotions and my overall psychological well-being, ” she explained.

Samke shared that it is very important for women to have their own money when they enter into a relationship or marriage. 

“There’s a little saying that people like to say when women are getting married but it is often not quoted in full. They often say ‘something old, something new, something borrowed and something blue’ and forget to add the last part ‘ and a sixpence in your shoe’  and that sixpence is a token to ensure you afford transportation back home should the marriage not work out.”

“So the saying in actual fact says a woman should go into a marriage with her own money as marriage is not a financial plan,” she said.

TV and Radio star Samke Mhlongo. Photo from Instagram.

Samke also enlightened us about some of the untruths of marrying rich. 

“Marrying rich does make you rich unless it is in legal binding documents stating what you are entitled to, and it also depends on the attitude of the person that you are married to as even though you are married in community of property there are ways they can hide their estate, ” she explained, adding that she highlighted all these tactics in her book. 

Samke also got personal with Nounouche and revealed that the biggest financial mistake that she made was not downgrading her lifestyle soon after her divorce was settled.

“I tried to maintain the lifestyle that l had for the sake of my kids but I was shooting myself in the foot because I drove myself broke by not wanting to look broke in the eyes of my peers. 

“I’m still bouncing back. It is important to not make mistakes that have long term effects as it takes a while and a lot to rectify them. I’m learning how to stand on my own, make necessary adjustments and living within my means without worrying what people will think of me. “

Samke also explained her reason of writing the book in the form of a novel, and not a self help book. 

“This is because I wanted it to speak to everyone, even people who have not gone out and sought financial assistance, I wrote the book for the disillusioned girl that I was at the age 25 with a mansion and a Porsche and no one could tell me anything about money.” 

“In a nutshell in the book I’m saying, here is a story about a woman who comes from a good home and had a great upbringing but look what happened when they didn’t Ringfence themselves. So don’t give up your financial freedom as it is your responsibility.”

TV and Radio star Samke Mhlongo. Photo from Instagram.

Samke also said that the biggest takeaway for the person who will read the book is the ability to identify where there are gaps in their personal Ringfence. 

“This book seeks to show you where there are holes that need to be filled and it is up to you whether you take the steps or not,” she said. 

The media personality now turned author shared that it is within her plans to release another book, but there are a couple of things that she needs to learn and experience before she can do so. 


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