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26 Oct

Joya Mooi’s Just Around The Corner

South African, Dutch-based singer-songwriter Joya Mooi releases her fourth studio album, ‘What’s Around The Corner’ is fuelled by Joya’s desire to contribute to a more just future!  

“a heavenly slice of modern R&B that sparks a moment of tranquillity and reflection” – Afropunk 

“the South African and Dutch songbird possesses a raw and unfiltered pensmith, an enchanting vocal range and a  burning desire to morph the memories, inspiration, pain and joy running through her mind into pure sonic  expression.” – New Wave Magazine 

Amsterdam-based Joya Mooi has shared Side A of her fourth studio album ‘What’s Around The Corner’, featuring the new single ‘So Stunning’. A blissful display of modern R&B, ‘What’s Around The Corner’ is fuelled by Joya Mooi’s desire to contribute to a more just future and delves into the theory of social change on both a  political and personal level. The album is produced by Sim Fane, SIROJ, Blazehoven and Joya Mooi with additions of several live musicians, and is being released via Nine And A Half. 

Born from a South African father and Dutch mother, her parents met in Angola while her father was in exile; and growing up in the Netherlands she had issues with belonging and music assisted with that. 

“I have a strong connection to my South African origins and ancestry, and it shows somehow on my music. But I felt something of an outsider. My music is honest, and in several songs, I explore the concept of identity and belonging.” she says.

Exploring themes of patterns, reflection, identity and spirituality, Joya Mooi explains the inspiration for the album – “With this project I’m hoping to set some things in motion. Side A  leans into escapism & seeking clarity; I’m sensing many things are reoccurring, noticing fuck  ups of myself and the world. And I feel the growing need to do something about it. With Side  B, I hope to bring resolution to an end to certain cycles.”  

On Side A, Joya Mooi introduces the album’s theme of change with a variety of thought provoking topics. A total of nine tracks include previously released singles ‘You Know Me  Well By Now’, ‘Most Frail’, ‘Roselle’ and ‘Did Enough’ featuring Elijah Waters, as well as the new release, ‘So Stunning’. 

‘What’s Around The Corner’ is an honest and authentic body of work that’s heavily influenced by stories from Joya Mooi’s past and present, with delicate melodies, explorations of pop trap, R&B and more layered with live instrumentation and electronic sounds. Joya Mooi’s music aims to give insight into the experiences of a new generation from the  African diaspora and spark change for the better. Her inspiring sound has already received notable attention from respected press and playlist outlets – Afropunk, Notion, Native Mag, The Line Of Best Fit, Vogue NL and Spotify’s POLLEN playlist to name a few – proving that she’s a leading voice in the modern R&B scene right now. 

Tracklist for Joya Mooi – What’s Around The Corner (Side A) 

1. What Dreams I’ve Had (prod. Sim Fane & SIROJ) 

2. So Stunning (prod. Sim Fane & SIROJ) 

3. You Know Me Well By Now (prod. Sim Fane & SIROJ) 

4. Little Lies (interlude) (prod. Joya Mooi) 

5. Most Frail (prod. Blazehoven & SIROJ) 

6. Sunwaves (prod. Blazehoven & SIROJ) 

7. Did Enough ft. Elijah Waters (prod. Sim Fane & Elijah Waters)  

8. Left Outside (prod. Sim Fane & SIROJ) 

9. Roselle (prod. Sim Fane & SIROJ) 

Side B will be released in 2023!


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