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27 Jul

Laryne Jefferies – The Weightlifting, Couture Queen!

I started Crossfit a few years ago and I have a few women whom I look at and marvel at their beauty and level of fitness. Laryne Jefferies is an incredibly talented designer and my ultimate fitness goals. The red-haired beauty lifts weights that I can only dream of and she definitely is the envy of a lot of men. We chat to her about her two passions; fashion and fitness.

For people who don’t know you, who is Laryne Jefferies? 

Always such a difficult question, because you are always growing but right now, I am an entrepreneur, couture fashion designer and weightlifter. I am very passionate and intense and I don’t do anything half-heartedly. I’m in a place in my life where I am trying to navigate a balance between self employment and having a passion for weightlifting. I am excited about what the next year has in store for me. 

You are a super talented fashion designer, where did the love for fashion stem from, what inspires your designs?

Thank you very much, I was very interested in visual art growing up, and also started making my own clothes in high school. I ended up choosing to study Fashion Design and fell in love with the process of creating couture gowns. I now specialise in wedding gowns, and it is a great passion of mine to create wearable art for women to wear on their wedding day. 

Who would you like to dress, that you have not dressed yet? 

I have never gravitated towards dressing celebrities in my career, I love different body shapes and making women of all sizes feel beautiful so if you think you have a difficult figure to dress, I’d like to custom create something that would make that individual look beautiful. 

How do you strike a balance between your design work and your intense training? 

I train in the mornings so that I’m fresh and can focus on training before I start my work day, it can be difficult when work is stressful but I prioritise that morning time slot for training so I always make sure to get it done and then take on the rest of the day. 

What inspired your fitness journey?

I started my fitness journey in 2016, I was living an unhealthy and inactive lifestyle and didn’t feel comfortable in my own body so I decided to join a Crossfit gym because I had heard that people had a lot of success in weight loss with this type of fitness. I had no idea that this would lead me to the start of such a big part of my life today. 

What does a day in your life look like?

My day starts with coffee at 4:00, I take an hour for myself to prepare for the day then I make my way to the gym. I train Olympic Weightlifting now and my sessions typically last about 2.5 hours every morning 5 days a week. After training, I have breakfast and start my day at my fashion studio. Some days are busy in the studio and some are spent traveling between suppliers and clients. In the afternoons once my work is complete I will walk my dog, meal prep for the next day or just relax and I’m generally in bed and lights out by 9pm. 

I train weightlifting 5 days a week and do some active recovery swimming on yoga on Thursdays. Sundays are complete rest. 

How long have you been training?

I started training Crossfit from 2016 from zero sports background. I just built fitness and strength in the beginning learning basics and eventually started competing as well. In September 2020 after the  lockdowns, once I took my side business full time, I moved my focus to soley Olympic Weightlifting which I have been training ever since. So it has been 6 years in total. 

Do you take any supplements and are there any that you would recommend?

The supplements I use daily is creatine, vitamin C, Omega 3 and vitamin B complex. I will sometimes take Vitamin B as well at night. I try to eat and get as much of my protein in the form of real food. I will occasionally supplement with a protein shake post training. 

What are some of your favorite workouts?

As a weightlifter now my absolute favorite is to snatch. 

When I was training crossfit definitely any workout with a really heavy barbell, or multi skilled wods with many different movements combining cardio, lifting and gymnastics together and longer wods that require pacing. 

What’s the end goal, health or a hot instagrammable body?

At the moment my goal is only to have the best performance and recovery to compete so an instagrammable body isn’t my focus. Long term I believe health is important and a good body is part of a healthy package so I think it’s possible to have both. 

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about weight training for women?

I think a lot of women are afraid of becoming “bulky” or “too muscular” which I myself was afraid of because I have always had a naturally athletic figure growing up, but building muscle takes a lot of time and work and you have to lift heavy for long and feed those muscles to develop them so it’s not something that I think any woman has to be afraid of. I feel more confident now in my body than I ever did when I was just “skinny”. 

How important is your diet when you train?

Diet is very important if you would like to perform, recover well or develop your body through training. Trying to out-train a bad diet isn’t sustainable or recommended but everything in moderation is a good rule to still enjoy life and still see results. 

What are some of the tips you would give to people that want to be as strong and fit as you?

Make a commitment to your goal, whatever it may be. There will be days that you are tired or don’t feel motivated but my training is non-negotiable! Just begin your warm up and the rest will follow. Always have have fun and try to enjoy the process as much as possible, consistency is everything. Don’t be afraid or set limits for yourself, you are capable of so much if you just let yourself try, so just keep pushing and always look after your body. 

Legs or arms?


Weights or cardio?


How important is rest?

Very important, recovery is everything. Especially if you are lifting heavy, it’s important to let your muscles and body recover to be able to function optimally again. Sports massages help as well. 

If you were to train us for the day, what would you recommend we do for a nice butt?

Definitely some back squats, Weighted reverse lunges and weighted Bulgarian split squats. 

Is there pressure to train all the time?

Sometimes, especially if I’m working towards an upcoming competition, I have to be pushing hard towards the goal and to improve and sometimes it’s tough to juggle work and training together but I make it work as best I can. 



Photo Credit: Eric Wittkopf @1rmphotography 

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