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4 Nov

Lady Zamar’s Royal Flush; A Banger!

After three years of not releasing any new music, award-winning singer and songwriter Lady Zamar is back with another exciting project Royal Flush

Speaking to Nounouche the singer whose real name is Yamikani Banda revealed that she decided to name the project Royal Flush because she considers herself as royalty regardless of what other people think. 

“I believe you are who you say you are and no one should be able to tell you anything about you except yourself,” she said. 

Explaining the contents of the four track project, Lady Zamar said it details her experiences and a song such as Tonight delves in to one of the most heartbreaking moments of her life when she was contemplating all the things that happened to her. 

“It reflects on all the pain that I have experienced, as sometimes life will remind you of all the things that happened and it’s your job to embrace them and grow from them,” she explained. 

She further explained that Never Die is a song that tells a brief story of two lovers who figure out that their love might not last.

“But it is not because they are not happy or don’t love each other, but sometimes life has a way of playing out that you don’t end up with the person that you love and it is up to you to accept that and move on.” 

Lady Zamar who is a sucker for love as most of her songs are about finding love revealed that her past experiences have taught her to start putting herself first which is why she penned Find Me Now

“Loving other people must wait a little bit as the person I need to love the most is myself,” she said. 


Award-winning musician Lady Zamar. Photo supplied.

The 35-year-old songbird also detailed how stressful it was working on this project as she has never worked on a EP before.

“As much as it was stressful I had fun. It took me a couple of weeks to put the whole project together but hardest part was the writing of it as it took a few months to do so.”

“And as much it was fun and stressful working on the project, it was a learning experience because now I know how I can put together messages that I want to share with the nation without spreading them out into a whole album.”

The project features producers such as Senior Oat and the Piano Hit Maker. 


Award-winning musician Lady Zamar. Photo supplied.

Early last year, she started experiencing vocal problems and was told by doctors that she could potentially lose her voice.

Lady Zamar who underwent multiple surgeries and has been nursing her voice at home until she made a come back earlier this year in June also shared how almost losing her voice impacted her mentally as her voice is what puts food on the table.

“Finding out I could potentially lose my voice was scary and traumatizing I was not okay for a very long time, I already had mental disturbances within me, I was anxious and very depressed. So finding that out was scary,” she said.

“I suffered from depression, recovering well was the most beautiful thing. Now I take better care of my voice.”


Award-winning musician Lady Zamar. Photo supplied.

Lady Zamar who is one of the many artists that Mzansi always raves about when it comes to music and her name is always on everyone’s lips also shared with us that she doesn’t know how else she has been able to stay relevant and all that she has to offer to the industry is her creative input and knowledge.

“I’ve only been a proper musician for the last five years, but in the last five years I’ve learned a lot,” she said.

Last Zamar also added that she is also going to release a documentary soon that’s going to answer a lot of questions that people have.

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