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31 Oct

The Magic Influence of Sabelo The Kreator

One of the best things about social media has been introducing us to undeniable talent all around the world. We have content creators now, who make a living off things they are passionate about. One such talent is Sabelo The Kreator, we know him for his cleaning videos. We caught up with him to get to know him a little better.

Who is Sabelo the Kreator? 

Sabelo the Kreator is a Marketing graduate from the University of Johannesburg, also a content creator. I am originally from Newcastle Kwazulu-Natal, until I moved to Johannesburg to further my studies. I am currently doing my honors in Digital Marketing. I come from a family of  five children and for the longest I always dreamt of doing something for my siblings and being there for them. We lost our parents when I was still in high school. 

What led you to content creation? 

There was a time in my life when I needed to do something to move my life forward. At that time I was experiencing difficulties after I lost my job just before the lockdown.  And that’s when my creativity really improved. I started posting videos of myself in different but affordable clothing brands. I think my style and the way I curated the videos got me attention.  I love curating videos and during that time, I started building an audience and the response of my audience was positive and that pushed me to create more. My type of content today is more lifestyle even though people know me more for my home content or self-care.   With my videos, I always try to showcase that it is possible to lead a quality lifestyle in an affordable way. I always try to show people that you can turn even a small space like a small apartment into your own little heaven.  One of my vlogs (Sunday vlog of me cleaning my house) was such a hit that it attracted brands like Handy Andy, Makro and more. 

What have been the highs and lows since you started your journey? 

So, the highs would be brands finally realizing the value that I add to the whole digital space as a male content creator, working with awesome brands that I never thought I would work with. Being able to do what I love everyday and getting paid for it. Lastly, being able to help at home. My family  is very supportive of me and this has given me the confidence to keep doing what I love.  The lows would be sometimes having to explain my value to brands and being misunderstood by some people as a male content creator.

Can you support your lifestyle as a content creator and is that the case with you? 

Yes, you can support your lifestyle as a content, honestly you just must be smart about it. Content creation assists me with taking care of my rent and more. Saving is really what you need to do  if you are a content creator because there are times where you might not get gigs. I try to save a certain percentage of my income every month. I would like to believe I am supporting my lifestyle with content creation; you know it’s one day at a time and I believe in the process. 

This journey – what has it revealed to you about yourself and your creativity?

I am a creative person. I believe I have an eye for small details and beautiful things. I can take even a simple thing and create magic out of it. It also made me realize how relatable I am. Content creation always requires confidence because not everyone is going to like what you post. You have to be able to stick to what you believe in and not be swayed by those who disagree with your content. 

What do you think needs to happen for this industry to grow? 

Firstly, we need more male content creators because the industry is big for everyone. Brands also need to invest in long term partnerships with content creators.

What advice would you give to a young content creator who is starting? 

Be yourself and keep creating, find what you like and start creating content around it, this could be lifestyle, fashion, traveling, Fitness etc. Lastly just enjoy yourself in the process of creating content. 

Twitter: @sabeloelkah2

Instagram: @sabelo_the_kreator 

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