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25 Nov

DBN Gogo Knows What’s Real!

After almost three years of deejaying in the Amapiano space, DBN Gogo has now released her own album titled What’s Real. The 12-track body of work is an immaculate display of musical variety and features a number of artists including Zodwa Wabantu, Pabi Cooper, Sol Phenduka, MacG as well as Mellow & Sleazy. 

Speaking at her album launch on the eve of its release, the musician expressed that putting forth a body of work was the next best step on her career path.  

“Transitioning from deejaying to making music was an important step to further myself. You can only go up until a certain place by playing other people’s music. After that, you kind of hit a plateau,” she said. 

What’s Real was inspired by a moment of sleep paralysis where DBN Gogo found herself going back and forth between what was actually going on around her and what was only happening in her dreams. 

Just in time for the festive season, What’s Real serves as the fulfillment of a promise which she made to herself. 

“It’s been a long time coming. At the beginning of the year, I promised myself that I would drop a body of work. It’s been a crazy process and I’m super nervous but I think everyone is going to enjoy it,” she added. 

When asked about the creative process behind the album, she highlighted that it was a journey which had its ups and downs. Although starting new songs was not entirely a mission, making sure a song was finished off proved to be challenging at times. 

Staying true to her purpose which includes working together with others, empowering people and learning from them, DBN Gogo was very deliberate about collaborations on this album. 

“It’s important to collaborate and to put people on. That just helps to grow the industry and to grow Amapiano.”

Through her record label, Zikode Records, the musician has managed to house various artists and to provide a safe space for them to create. 

“We have signed and unsigned artists. It’s a creative hub more than anything. There are so many people who have come in to make their own music and maybe didn’t even know it was my studio. I just wanted to create a space where people who didn’t have the means to create can come in and leave their heart on a track,” she explained.  

Going forward, the DJ and producer eagerly anticipates gracing more of the biggest local and international stages, while continuing to grow and empower others. 

“The sky is literally the limit. A lot more features, a lot more music…more money and less problems”. 


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