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28 Nov

Art & Law; A Look At Donald Diale’s World

Donald Diale is undoubtedly a force to be reckoned with. The legal giant and co-founder of Diale-Mogashoa Attorneys (DM Incorporated) has intentionally built his career over more than two decades, serving as an inspiration for upcoming legal eagles hoping to soar in the legal fraternity. 

Opening up about his upbringing, Diale shared that he has always been clear on becoming a success. Raised around successful families by a mother who tried her best to make ends meet, he told himself from a young age that success was his only option and it is what he has always strived towards. 

“I told myself that one day is one day. Fortunately, I was blessed with brains so I was doing well at school. I also had very loving grandparents who then assisted with my studies,” he said. 

Interestingly, he wanted to study Fine Arts. However, after his mother decided against it, Diale found himself in his first law lecture at the age of 16. It is his burning desire for success that kept him excelling at law even though it was never his first choice. 

“I was young and I was passing cum laude. I never really thought about it too much except to go to class and pass. Like any other ignorant student, I dreamt about GTIs and BMWs”. 

Today, Diale owns one of Mzansi’s most successful black law firms alongside his business partner Madimpe Mogashoa whom he speaks of quite fondly. For over a decade, DM Incorporated has focused not just on being different but also on being the difference. The law firm has adopted excellence as their brand and this has paid off immensely. 

According to the legal giant, the secret ingredients for their success have been adopting a team-centered approach as well as always investing into the business. 

“To run a successful business, you have to take care of your employees. Investing in your business is key. We have also made it a point to embrace change over the years,” he said. 

Be that as it may, Diale’s years in the legal fraternity have not been free from challenges. As a black attorney, he has found himself in countless situations where he has had to prove himself. 

“I do not take offense when I am asked to prove myself. After all, there are too many chance takers who are giving black lawyers a bad name,” he clarified. 

Added challenges include the private sector being very hard to penetrate and the public sector being dominated by corruption and bribery. 

With plenty of experience in the legal field, his advice to those entering the profession is that they do so with purpose and a willingness to learn. 

“Any candidate attorney must come with an open mind and take their articles as their second university. 

Professionalism is also important. A good attorney is a person who writes, reads and speaks for purpose. Good lawyers apply their minds”. 

Fortunately, Diale’s love for art has not died down throughout the years. When he is not dealing with legal cases, he can be found in his beautiful home gallery which has become his happy place and source of peace. He hopes to delve deeper into his love for art after retiring from his career in law. 

“I’m a good lawyer but it’s not my passion. I’m an art collector and I want to do what I love”.  

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