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25 Mar

African Spirituality With Mkhulu Bae

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Introduce ubungoma to us MkhuluBae? 

Ubungoma is a calling which a person is born with and not into. You get chosen by the ancestors which want you to take the spiritual healing journey and continue their work. It’s not something you go and get from somewhere neither is it created. You come into this world with it and it stays with you since the day you are born till your soul matures enough that the calling makes itself known to you that it is upon you.

With spiritual healing concerning ubungoma you then need to undergo a process of appeasing those ancestors in a form of training which is ukuThwasa however not everyone who has abadala needs to go and thwasa, that’s a story for another day.  To be able to undergo the process of ukuthwasa for ubungoma one needs to have the following ancestors  uBunguni, ubuNdau and sometimes isporofeto. Theses are the primary spirits that lead one into iphehlo so they can thwasa and become uMgoma.

Ubungoma initiation starts where a Thwasa “Thokoza” leaves home to go live with the now spiritual trainer “Gobela” to begin the process of ukuthwasa where uThokoza will learn all sorts of things from bone reading, water reading, candle reading, ukufemba etc. including herbs and their usages. Different types of sickness, body misalignments and spiritual counseling – all these things uThokoza learns while thwasing.

Thwasa is then taught the nguni tradional way of dancing UkuGida and the role in which that ancestor plays in thwasa’s life which is -Protector and Guide.

This spirit is not of relation by blood, however, to have it a relationship needs to have been established by your ancestors and this spirit in the past therefore it can be adopted into the lineage, it is usually associated as the water spirit due to the purity they possess.

It is the Prophetic spirit,Umthandazi/Prophet as seen in churches such as amaZayoni. Does similar work to iZangoma, but is not initiated in any particular way, This spirit is not limited to human beings. It’s a universal spirit also found in nature and outer space.

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