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18 May

Spiritually Gifted Partners – What To Expect

Mkhulu bae, spirituality, African spirituality
Mkhulu bae, spirituality, African spirituality
Lesego Malapane also known as Mkhulu Bae is a practising traditional healer.

Relationships are hard on their won, but even moreso when one or both partners are spiritually gifted. However, the experience can be a transcended one if navigated right. So what can one expect when in a relationship with someone with a spirit gift?

If my partner has a spiritual calling, what major changes can I expect to see in the relationship?

The first major change you can expect to see is related to time. As a practicing spiritual healer, your partner’s time will now be divided between you, his patients and other healer related issues. This can be frustrating as it’s hard to make plans ahead of time with your partner and you might feel not prioritised in the relationship anymore.

The second major change you can expect to see is related to spiritual practices that your partner will adopt. Depending on a few things, your partner will adopt spiritual practices such as having shrines for their ancestors, using certain medicines, no longer eating certain foods, no longer wearing certain clothes or partaking in certain activities. As the partner, it’s important to practice patience during this time.

What emotional or physical changes can I expect to see in my partner that were preciously not there and how can I prepare myself?

There are notable physical and emotional changes when someone accepts their spiritual calling. And it can be as new and overwhelming to them as it is to you as the partner. The changes can vary but one of the most common emotional changes is that there are constant mood changes due to being in tune to ”idlozi” with a personality of its own. In many cases, your partner’s personality might change all together and you might not recognise them.

Are there any changes in myself that I can expect to see as well?

Being romantically involved with someone with a spiritual gift can be a double edged sword. On one hand, it might bring great fortune and goodness into your life and on the other it might have devastating effects. It all depends on whether your partner is practicing things of the light or of darkness. It’s important to interrogate and remain vigilant to any sudden changes to your life and to communicate with your partner at all times.

Which parts of maintaining a relationship with someone with a spiritual calling are usually the hardest?

Intimacy. Much will change regarding intimacy in your relationship and this can be very hard on both partners. Your partner will no longer be able to partake in certain sexual activities such as oral sex, and in order for your partner to perform certain rituals they will have to ”ukuzila” and abstain from intimacy all together.

What must one absolutely avoid when in such a relationship?

Engaging in sex with multiple partners must be avoided at all costs. It can cause a lot of harm to the healer to be in touch with foreign energies and spirits through you.

What interesting things is someone with a spiritual calling able to tell about me as their partner? Are they able to tell when I am cheating? When I like someone else? When I am no longer interested?

It is like watching a movie on 4k where the directors of that movie show reveal even the slightest details, hence it is advisable to be truthful with your partner at all times or else the relationship will never work.

As mentioned, a relationship with a spiritually gifted person can be a transcended experience and bring lots of good fortune to you personally. But it is nebulous and hard to navigate and needs a partner who is willing to sacrifice much for the success of the relationship.


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