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29 Aug

5 Male Content Creators To Know!

The world of content creation is very powerful, influential and even lucrative. For content creators, it is a platform of expression and earning while content consumers are inspired and entertained. Who knew content creation would be considered a full-time career!

While content creation has mostly been dominated by females, there are males who are here to change this as they shake things up in the digital space. Whether through YouTube videos, Instagram reels or videos on Twitter, different male content creators use their various digital platforms to have fun, tap into their creativity, express themselves and entertain their audience. 

Here are just a few male content creators that have taken the digital space by storm. 

Sabelo Hadebe  

Popularly known as Sabelo The Kreator, the Newcastle-born marketing graduate brings fun to the otherwise mundane tasks of cleaning and baking. His vlogs are regular reminders to his audience that the everyday tasks can be made fun and aesthetically pleasing. 

Sabelo has worked with various household, skincare and clothing brands. He also does a great job at sharing hacks, tips and tricks to benefit his audience, while also not being stingy when it comes to recommending products that have worked best for him. 

Bafana Mthembu 

From Soweto, Bafana Mthembu, known on the social media streets as Eezy Nkabi, has won the love of many social media users through his unique fashion sense which is showcased through videos of him getting ready. 

His tagline ‘asgqoke’ is music to his followers’ ears as what follows are a few minutes of him showcasing his amaBhinca-inspired dresscode. Although it is not everyone who watches his content for the sole purpose of recreating his outfits, the 30-year old’s charismatic personality and the fact that he’s happy to throw in a dance move or two are all part of what keeps his audience glued to his videos. Most recently, the star won GQ’s Best Dressed Classic Style Award which serves as recognition for the work he’s doing in the world of fashion influencing.

Sibu Mpanza

Sibu Mpanza’s content creation career began as early as 2014. The digital creator first started out by making skits and comedic stories as that is what was popular on YouTube at the time. His videos later evolved and touched on necessary conversations relating to race and gender.

Today, the talented YouTuber and influencer uses his platforms to speak about that which matters to him, as well as to give his audience a peak into some aspects of his life. 

Through his online content, the star has managed to showcase his skills and this has gotten him noticed by various brands and organizations, and this includes various shows such as Bull Brand’s The State of the Strong Podcast. 

Thato Rampedi 

Thato Rampedi’s digital creation journey started out through him vlogging daily student life and having sit-down conversations with his friends where they would discuss topics affecting young people. 

The engineering graduate has since grown as an online content creator, with some of his work landing him a presenter role on Honey TV’s cooking competition known as ‘Kids Kitchen Relay’.  Thato is also the brains behind ‘Are You Tubed In’ – a first of its kind reality show documenting the lives of some South African YouTubers all staying in one house. 

TK Matakanye 

Limpopo-born TK Matakanye is known and loved for his minimalistic fashion and lifestyle content. The digital creator also uses his social media platforms to showcase his photography skills. 

For him, fashion is a way of expression and he’s always happy to share his looks with his audience. His motoring content is also about his love and passion for cars.  

He has worked with various major brands including Isuzu, H&M and Cotton On and the phrase ‘aesthetically-pleasing’ does not even begin to define the look and vibe of his social media pages.

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