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29 Apr


You have had an illustrious career in television, from your days on Craze, Nomzamo, SABC 3, Mzali Wam, Generations and Scandal among others. You now have two new shows, Kwa Mamazala and Umbuso, how have you stayed on course and so grounded in such a fickle industry?

I am like a tree, I stay connected to my roots; those being my passion , God, family and friends. I think if you stay true to yourself and love what you do, it’s easy to stay on the path.

What would you say are some of your career highlights? 

I have so many, when I look back sometimes I am like “wow”, doing Nomzamo – one of the first sitcoms we had. Being a Continuity Presenter for SABC 3 in my early 20’s is also one of my highlights. I think I have just been blessed to be able to work with so many amazing people and have such great experiences in this industry.

For someone who has never been on a tv/film set, and they think acting is easy, how would you describe it to them?

There is a quote that says acting is “behaving truthfully under imaginary circumstances“. Now that means you bring a part of yourself and explore the human soul! That my friend is no easy task, so if you think it’s easy then you are probably not doing it right.

What’s your method to getting into character, in ensuring that you are as believable an actor?

I always ask myself, what would you do if you were in the situation? So that I can find my truth in my performance.  Depending on the role, research is important. How does someone in the situation act, feel, dress and think? Know what your characters wants. Also it helps to have studied, as there are methods you are taught to assist you into getting into character.

You run an agency Star Quality Management and an academic college, where do you find the time?

There is always time for the things you love, plus I love to multitask.  It also helps that I have amazing time while doing it and a business partner that assists in running the business.

Tell us about your role on Umbuso?

Mpho is a mother and wife who is a central part of everyone lives on the show, she has many deep secrets that affect the lives of all those she loves . So much will be unravelled in time about her so you will have to keep watching to know more!

And how would you describe your role on KwaMamazala? 

Fair lady is the daughter in-law no mother wants. She is self-absorbed , loves to spend money and really believes  the world revolves around her and her perfect family. She is really a fun character, you will love to hate her.

What’s the one thing people don’t know about you? Except for wearing kitten heels?

Lol! Yes I am the chairlady of the kitten heel society.  I am also currently studying my PDBM (postgrad in Business Management )

I don’t eat red meat stopped when I was 12 and I am very shy .

You have a successful career, we follow your work, has Hollywood ever been a dream? Is that the next step?

Not in front of the camera for me, but I would love to see the agency and school produce talent that will be represented in Hollywood

I want to build a business that produces amazing talent that understand the business of acting and create superstar careers that are managed by us and not by international agents

Which role has been the most challenging to play and why?

It was Madlamini on Uzalo. She was a conniving, yet sweet . Playing a woman scorned was very interesting . The lengths that we go to to keep those we love and the justifications we make! It was a very complex character and different to any I had played before.

Who are your top 5 performers in South Africa?

That’s a hard one they are so many amazing young performers that have entered the scene and of course the veteran actors;

But I love Mothusi magano

Nefisa  Mkhasbela 

Motshidi motshegwa

Abdul Khoza 

How did Covid-19 affect you and your work?

It was a major shift as we had to introduce new ways of doing things. Online meeting for talent and online classes for the college.

It taught us that in life you have to adapt or die.

For people interested in making it on TV, what advice would you give them?

Get into the business for the right reasons, do it for the love because when it gets hard that’s what will keep you going.

Work on your craft all the time, study, do workshops and watch actors you love.

What are the 5 most important things to you?




My work

My peace 

You turn 40 next year, what are you hoping to have accomplished by then and what are some of the lessons your thirties are teaching you about yourself?

I am 18 years with 22 years experience!!!

 Things I  learnt in my 30;s…Actually I have learnt the importance of being ok with where you are and who you are.

Being okay with the fact that some people will like you and some won’t but so long as you love yourself there is nothing else that matters.

Inner peace is success and health is wealth.

I hope to continue to grow in life and love to live life on my own terms!

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