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25 Jul

#TravelTuesday: Things to do in Mpumalanga 

A sho’t left to Mpumalanga is always a good idea! Fondly known as the place of the rising sun, the province is home to breathtaking views, lush forests and of course, wildlife. 

With plenty of tourist attractions and activities, you are bound to have an unforgettable and refreshing time. 

Here are just a few must-do activities when visiting the beautiful province.

Safari? Yes, please!

In Mpumalanga, game viewing is truly as good as it gets. One of the biggest tourist attractions in the province is also one of the largest and most famous landmarks in Africa – The Kruger National Park. On a safari game drive, you can enjoy the sight of beautiful landscapes and indulge in the opportunity to observe animals in their natural habitat. 

If you are fortunate enough, you can even spot the entire Big 5 all in one go. To add some extra fun to the experience, dress up in khaki, green, beige and neutral colours. The pictures will be worth it! 

Views  from God’s Window

God’s Window is a popular landmark which is captivating in its views. The place has been dubbed Paradise Country by some and boasts striking rock formations and beautiful waterfalls like Lone Creek and the Blyde River Canyon. 

At an altitude of almost 2000 m above sea level,  your eyes are in for a feast as one can see as far as the Mozambique coastline on a clear day. There are a series of laid-out hiking and mountain biking trails which lead through the region. Fancy a scenic picnic? You can pack a small picnic basket and enjoy some treats while overlooking a scenic view. 

Cave into a bit of fun and history

The Sudwala Caves date back over 240 million years. The caves are formed mostly in Precambrian dolomite rock. Here you can learn more about the different rock formations such as the Screaming Monster, the Weeping Madonna as well as Fairyland which lights up in colours bright and beautiful. 

There is also the Dinosaur Park which displays life-sized models of pre-historic reptiles,  mammals and more. If you are keen on an adventure, the Sudwala zip-line has the perfect dose of adrenaline for you. So go ahead…clip on, push off and excitingly soar above the valley.   

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