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9 May

The Sitota Collection by Yvette Gayle!

One of the most amazing, super talented and badass women I look up to, veteran Publicist, Yvette Davis-Gayle launched her superb soaps, diffusers and candle line- the Sitota Collection a few years ago. Named after her daughter Sitota, the New York-born music industry specialist recently collaborated with Actress Pearl Thusi on the Black Rose collection. The products are made in her Johannesburg home, by herself and we truly stan a multi-faceted queen.

The Sitota Collection‘s luxurious home fragrance line boasts exotic scents of Havana, Aigyptos, Blue Nile and Coco Noir. This high quality, on-trend candle collection features four captivating and sensual fragrances that invigorate the senses to awaken memories of treasured moments and leave a lasting impression.

Inspired by her love of travel, these fragrances are reminiscent of a personal journey by founder, Yvette Davis Gayle. Almost two decades in the music industry has afforded her the opportunity of traveling the world.

My world is a global landscape,” said Gayle. “And like a painter who paints his past, I create luxury products to recall my most precious memories. My luxurious candle fragrances highlight my very personal experiences, including a remarkable journey that led me to my daughter, Sitota.”

What first began in her kitchen, blossomed into existence from an idea her very insightful then-six-year-old son had one day. “Mama,” he said as she was making a batch of her candles. “We should have a manufacturing plant and have stores in every country that sell our candles.” From his lips to God’s ears, The Sitota Collection was born.

Gayle creates sheer opulence by using the traditional artisan techniques of delicately blending custom fragrances with wax. She hand pours her candles in small batches to maintain superior quality and craftsmanship while ensuring meticulous attention is paid to every detail. Features like recyclable glass votives, soy wax and lead free wicks help provide a greener footprint. Started in the USA and now made in Johannnesburg, The Sitota Collection offers a very limited selection where each fragrance tells a unique story.


Having traveled extensively throughout the African Diaspora, my family has been blessed to experience the rich cultural legacies of ancient people and the lands from which they came. The Egyptian Queen, Cleopatra was full of intrigue and so is this complex aromatic blend. Sultry and seductive base notes of amber, sandalwood, musk and vanilla are smoothed out and balanced by jasmine, lavender and orange. AIGYPTOS is infused with essential oils including copaiba, balsam, orange and lavandin.


Ethiopia’s rugged mountains, broad savannah, hot springs and spectacular waterfalls make this country the home of unparalleled natural beauty. The Blue Nile Falls are an extraordinary scenic vision. One glance and you instantly feel in complete harmony with nature.  Our journey to Ethiopia was a remarkable life changing experience. It is the birthplace of my daughter Sitota.  BLUE NILE embraces earthy rich bamboo with wild grasses and red grapefruit.


Chaing Mai’s Loi Krathong festival is visually stunning and is one of the most beautiful celebrations that my husband and I have ever attended. Banana-leaf containers decorated with flowers and candles are set to sail on the waterways of this Northern Thailand city. Sending a Krathong out onto the river is said to signify letting go of anger, hate, and negative thoughts.  COCO NOIR perfectly combines creamy coconut with tantalizing cassis enabling natural exotic blends to effortlessly calm and relax your spirit.


The scent of tobacco conjures fond memories of Grandma Eunice picking pimento berries in the field while great grandma Etta Francis smoked her pipe on the back porch in Norway, Jamaica. At night, the city lights of Havana, Cuba, glistened in the background as the children listened to tales of Brother Anansi. HAVANA is a masculine masterpiece highlighting tobacco, leather, amber and musk. Notes of teakwood, pepper and black tea add boldness. This sophisticated blend is infused with cedarwood, patchouli and pimento berry essential oils.

When she isn’t making powerful moves at Africa Creative Agency and these beautiful fragrances, Yvette loves spending time with her husband and her two beautiful kids.

For more information visit @sitotacandles


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