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5 Jun

Rapper & Author Slikour Launches FinTech Ventures For Artists

Rapper and author Slikour aka Siyabonga Metane has launched a new FinTech platform called The Unites States of Creatives which includes two cutting-edge financial technology platforms: SOLDistro and SOLWallet. While most artists in South Africa struggle with monetizing their work, The CEO of Slikour On Life said that he has been working for almost a decade to bring simpler solutions for artists. He acknowledged that there’s still enormous work to be done. 

During the launch at The Venue, Melrose Arch, the veteran musician spoke of how this finTech solution will help in educating young artists on how to monetize their work and know how to handle their finances. Speaking to us during the launch, Slikour said this platform is not only designed to elevate careers of artists who are already established. “With this platform, we want the kids from Alexander, Msinga, Soweto and everywhere in South Africa to be able to get access to this platform and actually benefit from it. We’re trying to change the perspective of music and what it can actually do for you. What people don’t know doesn’t actually mean they can’t be taught. This platform also offers promotional and financial tools to help artists build their careers while taking only a modest royalty fee.”

The idea of the “starving artist” has long been romanticized in creative culture. Siya Metane has been hard at work to change that through an advanced transaction platform tailored to the needs of African creatives called SOLWallet. “Artists using international DIY distribution platforms who get paid their royalties through global fintech companies normally decide to forfeit their fees due to the tedious processes that is not built to accommodate locals. Members will also enjoy exclusive rewards and discounts, with plans to provide creator loans for creatives working with agencies  or musicians with a revenue track record from their streams in the near future. We want artists to know that music is a tool that can generate revenue enough for them to invest and grow their wealth.” 

Moreover, the Sol Wallet will also partner with event organisers who will be able to sell event tickets, merchandise and everything on that platform making it easier for consumers to access everything at one go.

To carry on with its efforts, SOLDistro, an online music distribution platform, enables artists to effortlessly release their songs on all major streaming platforms and stores, with unlimited free music uploads. While also introducing an artist investment fund overseen by Prowess. This platform will bring change in media entertainment, music distribution and content marketing procurement which will bring-in the much needed element of financial education in the art space. Siya Metane says he sees this brand expanding all over Africa and having a global footprint.

To show his appreciation for all those that helped him reach this next step of his journey, Slikour presented awards to VMLY&R, Hennessy, Coca-Cola executive Phindile Phiri and Stella Artois. That’s not all. Slikour also announced that his book, Slikour: The Life Story of a Hip-Hop Pioneer, will be turned into an adaptation – taking his career to unprecedented new heights. 

He recently launched his book; Slikour: The Life Story of a Hip-Hop Pioneer written by Helen Herimbi-Moremi

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