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10 Feb

Meet Gina Mosley; Sinnamon’s Fiercely Independent Workaholic!

Gina Mosley is the Co-Founder of Sinnamon PR & Communications, a firm in Bedfordview, east of Johannesburg. She is a fiercely independent workaholic, obsessed with what she does. Gina is a wife and a mom to a beautiful two year-old little boy. She gleefully says she is  trying her best to juggle this work/mom balance while doing what she loves and thriving at it.

When asked how she got into the Communications field, she dreamily reflects on her journey/ “It’s really quite amazing to reflect on my career and appreciate how every decision I made in the past has stood me in good stead in this perfect professional space.”

After completing her Honours degree in Corporate Communications, she worked for a corporate communications consultancy but dreamt of a career in the fashion industry, where her interests lie. Taking steps towards fulfilling that dream, she took a leap of faith and interned at a well-known fashion publication. Upon completing her internship with the fashion team, her mentors secured her an interview with a fashion PR agency where she gladly accepted a junior role, the perfect synergy between her communications background and her intrigue and interest in the fashion industry. The learnings she gained in this environment were invaluable and were a wonderful stepping stone in her career. She has since diversified her brand category expertise and constantly pursues growth in the world of PR & Communications in her business, Sinnamon which she owns with her business partner Alexia Cimato.

The highly charged emotions and stress that come with running a business are definitely some of the biggest challenges Gina and Alexia face. “It is a constant rollercoaster that can take a heavy toll on your mental health. However, we have so many highlights that we are proud of, from signing on some of our dream clients over the years to executing remarkable events. The sense of achievement after each and every successful event is extremely rewarding. We can also mention with pride that we have been part of international brand launches like Fenty Beauty and were part of a team to host international personalities like David Beckham and also traveled internationally for a trip with the global football legend.” said the stylish communicator.

Gina is also proud of the opportunities they are able to afford their young and enthusiastic team members. 

When asked what makes a great publicist, Gina is quick to say that it is someone who works proactively, with a constant ear on the ground for opportunities. Their ability to think strategically, to always add layers to their intentions for brand activity, together with a strong network is key, and constantly learning from colleagues and peers can set them apart from the rest. We couldn’t agree more.

A people-centered young woman, Gina is inspired by small conversations with like-minded peers and by the growth and evolution she sees of many people online. “My inspiration for the most part is very internal, fueled by my drive to achieve. I am always thinking about how to be better, to do more, to evolve and improve.”

Like most businesses, Sinnamon was also hugely affected by Covid-19 and it took the two partners being strategic and innovative in staying afloat. They had to pivot their business quickly even through the uncertainty of the pandemic. Some of their clients include  Poetry, Old Khaki, Sally Williams, Luxottica and Sunglass Hut, Dermalogica, Moroccanoil and many more with Scotch & Soda, Naked Coffee and Krispy Kreme being their longest standing clients.

Gina is grateful to have a strong support system that ensures that she is taken care of as she actively seeks a work/life balance. She tries to find pockets of “me time” whenever she can.

When she is not working, she enjoys traveling to Cape Town and Italy where she gets to read her favorite books. 

Asked about her take on social media and influencer marketing, Gina finds it intriguing how this industry has grown over the last few years. “I love that this space in particular has created a forceful shift towards content marketing and often allows for a lot more creativity and real time engagement for brands. It is really quite crazy to look back and remember what life was like before!” 

Her advice to young women who want to be as successful and great is: “Never settle, be inquisitive, always put in the extra effort and continually look for ways to improve, evolve and grow. Keep abreast of industry trends and think with a unique perspective. Some days are tough but no matter what, it is important to put one foot in front of the other and keep moving forward. If I look back on my journey to date, it really has been an accumulation of small wins, hard work and marginal but steady growth over time.”

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