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20 Feb

Masonwabe Ntloko Showcases New Works

Dutywa-born illustrator, designer and visual artist, Masonwabe Ntloko will take us on a journey on Thursday 23rd February 2023 for his solo art exhibition, ILISO LO Moya,” at The Katmo Gallery (41 6th Street, Parkhurst). This is a wonderful chance to admire the artists’ stunning creations and the unique concepts he presents.

This exhibition is yet another excellent, captivating body of work, testament to Masonwabe’s commitment to telling stories through his art. He prides himself in preserving our collective heritage, with more emphasis on his Xhosa roots. His work is a mirror of traditional Xhosa life and its seasons, from initiation, matriarchs in Xhosa regalia and the way life still is for many rural households.

“Whereas his works have since been embraced through these collaborations, the public however until now, have had no opportunity to view his creations on close range, in an intimate space like an art gallery. The advantage of viewing art in a gallery set up is that it allows  for an intimate conversation between the art work and the viewer. An intelligent and meditative engagement that allows for contemplation between the art work and the audience often takes place. A reflectio0n that allows the viewer to get into the meaning of the artwork they are looking and interpret it in the way they see takes place. It is always a pleasurable experience when a viewer can feel and rationalise about the art work in close physical proximity.” Edward Tsumele writes, in an interview with the artist.

Masonwabe is known for his commercial work with various brands in and out of South Africa. His studio in Joburg has hosted the likes of Kelly Rowland. He has learned from each and every one of these encounters, and they have all helped shape his creative experience. 

The exhibition is free and open to everyone

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