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21 Jun

Gracie’s Corner: A Global Movement in Children’s Media

Gracie’s Corner started as a small family project, something that was fun to do together. But it soon grew into something much bigger.

Gracie’s Corner quickly became a viral sensation, captivating hearts across the globe. The channel’s joyful and colourful videos, starring Gracie’s bright smile and beautiful voice, attracted millions of viewers. In the past two years, Gracie’s Corner has received an NAACP Image Award nomination for Best Animated Series in January 2023, and won the 2024 NAACP Image Award for Most Outstanding Children’s Program. Their collaborations with artists like Big Freedia, That Girl Lay Lay, and Snoop Dogg have further elevated the channel’s reach and impact.

The reaction they have received from parents is what keeps Arlene and Javoris going. “Hearing from parents, about how our content has helped their children, whether with speech delays or other developmental issues, has been amazing. It’s rewarding to see the positive impact,” said Javoris.

Their daughter’s influence and growth has been instrumental in the rise of Gracie’s Corner.

“Gracie naturally enjoyed singing from a young age. She was good at taking instruction and, as she’s grown, her skills have improved, which has made the process smoother,” her parents reflected.

The future of Gracie’s Corner is leaning more towards creating long-form content, shares Arlene on the impact they look to create going forward: “We’re pushing to create a long-form series where Gracie has a storyline, and you get to know her as a character within a diverse community. This series will have morals and lessons integrated into the story.”

To end our interview, Arlene and Javoris shared their personal goals for Gracie’s Corner.

“Our goal is to continue growing as a global brand, expanding our merchandise, and bringing Gracie’s Corner to life through tours and live experiences. Our aim is to create core memories for families.”

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