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4 Feb

Giants: Art from the Dean Collection of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys

Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys are set to exhibit their art collection titled “Giants: Art from the Dean Collection of Swizz Beatz and Alicia Keys”, at the Brooklyn Museum.

Their major art exhibition offers art enthusiasts and audiences a look into their world-class and diverse art collection, from the 10th of February to the 7th of July 2024. 

It is a showcase of the couple’s personal art collection. The collection emphasizes the importance of supporting Black artists and recognizing the impact they have in the art sphere. 

The showcase will feature a collection of over 100 art pieces by legendary art giants such as Gordan Parks, Lorna Simpson, and Nina Chanel Abney and it acknowledges the visionary artworks of present-day artists like Derrick Adams and Meleko Mokgosi. The showcase of the collection also features the work of the esteemed South African artist, Dr Esther Mahlangu. 

Dr Esther Mahlangu is a renowned South African artist who is known for her artwork that references her Ndebele heritage. Mahlangu acquired the skill of mural painting from her mom and grandmother, following a tradition of the South Ndebele people for the women to take the honour of painting the exterior of their homes. 

It is this tradition that unfolded Mahlangu’s artistic journey. The patterns that are found in her artwork are often colourful and geometric, while her paintings are often large in scale. She used brushes made from chicken feathers and her artwork features patterns that reflect her traditional and heritage roots. 

She began to gain international recognition in the 1900’s, at the 1989 French art exposition and in 1991, she was commissioned by BMW to create an art car. The car was painted with customary Ndebele patterns which was then exhibited at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in 1994 and it was also exhibited in the British Museum in 2017. Mahlangu’s legacy was honoured in 2018 when the University of Johannesburg conferred an honorary doctoral degree to Esther Mahlangu. 

Mahlangu’s artwork will be amongst the artwork that will be showcased in the ‘Giants’ exhibition. 

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