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6 Jun

From The Sea to the River, Palestine Will Live Forever!

Source: Middle East Eye

When the Black Panthers Vanguard was created, it was conceived as an organisation for self-defence in Oakland, California. The founder of the vanguard, Huey Newton,  shared that they chose the black panther as their symbol because “[the] panther doesn’t strike anyone. When he is assailed upon, he’ll back up first but if the aggressor continues then he’ll strike out.” This was concerning African-Americans being continuously brutalised by police in the states, in a similar vein, Hamas was born out of repression and the brutalisation of Palestinians at the hands of the Zionist political project.  Most organisations which have been created for a people’s liberation and self-determination through resistance, which may involve armed methods, against foreign occupation, aggression, colonialism, and hegemony have been deemed terrorists — from the Black Panthers and the African National Congress under the apartheid regime. The point? Violence breeds violence and Hamas would not exist if the brutal occupation of Palestine did not exist. Unfortunately for the non-Western world, colonialism is violent by nature. 

“The violence which governed the ordering of the colonial world, which tirelessly punctuated the destruction of the Indigenous social fabric, and demolished unchecked the systems of reference of the country’s economy, lifestyles, and modes of dress, this same violence will be vindicated and appropriated when taking history into their own hands, the colonized swarm into the forbidden cities.” – Frantz Fanon 

Frantz Fanon argues that the trauma inflicted by colonial violence breeds a counter-violence – a response from the colonized people. This violence, fueled by desperation, frustration, and alienation, is an attempt to reclaim the dignity and sense of self shattered by colonial oppression. It manifests in the form of anti-colonial struggles. (To drive this point home, consider the Haiti Revolution)

“The colonized, who have made up their mind to make such an agenda into a driving force, have been prepared for violence from time immemorial. As soon as they are born it is obvious to them that their cramped world, riddled with taboos, can only be challenged by out-and-out violence.”  – Frantz Fanon 

Source: Kwame Ture on Pinterest 

Al Jazeera investigated the events of October 7th and found that Hamas carried out devastating widespread human abuses. More than 1400 people were killed in the Southern part of apartheid Israel and hundreds of captives were taken “to negotiate the release of thousands of Palestinians in Israeli prisons.” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected the idea of negotiations, stating that the main priority is to eradicate Hamas.  The Al Jazeera investigation also found “that many of the stories that came out in the days following the attack were false. These include claims of atrocities such as the mass killing and beheading of babies as well as allegations of widespread and systematic rape – stories that were used repeatedly by politicians in Israel and the West to justify the ferocity of the subsequent bombardment of the Gaza Strip, which has so far killed [37,077] people.” 

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Source: @/radicalgrafitti on Instagram 

Israel’s disproportionate response to October 7th and its unwillingness to negotiate the release of the hostages taken in October indicates their intent: for Israel to occupy what’s left of Palestine. This has never been a war because Israelis are the oppressors and Palestinians are the oppressed, the Zionist project has been materialised through ethnic cleansing, military occupation and apartheid. A conflict implies equal footing, this has never been the case. Especially with Israel being backed by the West — particularly the United States. 

At the time of writing, it has been 7 months since the start of the genocide of Palestinians and the Israeli military is now invading the supposed ‘safe zone’, Rafah. Rafah has become a refuge for 1.4 million people displaced by Israel’s conflict in Gaza. Now, they have nowhere to go. BreakThrough News has broken down each deal Hamas has offered Israel for a permanent ceasefire. Hamas has offered the Israeli state 10 deals since October 7th. There have been 10 opportunities for Israeli captives to be released in exchange for a permanent ceasefire and the release of Palestinian hostages that have been abducted over the years. Israel has refused because this was never about the hostages and it was never about eliminating Hamas. This is about land and it always has been about land. That is why there have been recent instances of Palestinian land being sold for illegal settlements in some synagogues in the States and Canada. That is why a US port on the shores of Gaza is being established under the guise of facilitating the distribution of humanitarian aid. 

“This military tactical port will receive Israeli approval because Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been seeking this idea since the beginning of the [genocide], aiming for the voluntary displacement of Gazans and their flee to Europe.” — Hisham Khreisat, a Jordanian military and strategic affairs expert

The United States and Israel are true symbols of moral decay caused by imperialism and capitalism… but history will absolve Palestine and its people. 

Source: @/Jewishvoiceforpeace on Instagram

Source: @/Jewishvoiceforpeace on Instagram

Source: TRT World 

This is the beginning of the end of what bell hooks referred to as the ‘imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy’ that has embedded violence in our societies through prioritising profit over people. Another world is possible and the world is changing – look at how young people are calling on their universities to divest from arms manufacturers. What started as an encampment for divestments from Israeli-tied businesses at Columbia University has now spread to other states in America, the United Kingdom, France, Australia and South Africa

Source: Al Jazeera English 

Source: Slow Factory 

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