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26 Apr

From Mdantsane To The North, Zandile Hopa Has The News!

Metro FM newsreader and all time fly girl Zandile Hopa was born and raised at NU 3 in Mdantsane, a township in East London in the Eastern Cape. Raised by her grandmother for a while before moving in with her mother, Zandile describes herself as a simple, humble Xhosa girl who is a living example of her grandmothers’ prayers.

She went to high school in Commercial Park and later enrolled at Boston Media House where she then received an internship at YFM in 2013 and that is where her radio career officially kicked off and who we have now known as “Zandile Hopa inewsreader yaseNorth” was born …

Zandile had a lovely upbringing and she believes a lot of her experiences as a young adult shaped her to be the person she is today. Growing up, her grandparents insisted on church attendance, she also goes back to the times of taking taxis around East London and at times because there would be a lot of people in her house, some would sleep on the floor in the dining room. “…all of those things for me taught me one lesson or another and have contributed a lot to the person I’ve become over the years. I’m very proud of where I come from to say the least … Joburg and East London are two different places but I think ubuMdantsane bam definitely helped me navigate my way around here.”

She once wanted to be a primary school teacher, but has also always wanted to be on radio but not necessarily wanted to be a journalist. When she got the internship at YFM she thought it was for radio so she could learn the ins and outs since she had studied Media, only to find out it was indeed Radio but in the news department. Disappointing but exciting still, she took it within her stride and made news work and fortunately for her, she had studied journalism modules, so she was prepared. She spent seven years at YFM.

Zandile is inspired by her mother whom she regards as someone who has seen it all and is still able to smile and be present.

She is the calm, clear voice reading your news every weekday from 6-9am, working alongside DJ Sabby and Candice. “Working at mighty Metro FM is a dream come true, I’ve always wanted to work for the station and when the opportunity came knocking at my door I couldn’t believe it, I remember I sat down after speaking to the programme’s manager on the phone and cried for a good 30 mins praying and thanking God, it’s been a wonderful experience working with people I looked up to and still do.”

She describes working with DJ Sabby as fun, the two have worked together on YFM’s drive time show before. “I’ve worked with Sabby before at YFM my first drive time slot was on his show which was called the #TheBestDrive with Sabby and Tshepi Mabalane.. so the transition was pretty smooth, we’re having fun…”

Some of her career highlights include working on the three drive time shows: Best Thing Ever with DJ Sabby, The Lady on Drive with Khutso Theledi as well as The Touchdown with Tbo Touch. Receiving an offer from Metro FM and being part of the breakfast show there are also incredible milestones for this belter.

A hot girl in every season of her life, Zandile has a bevy of admirers but she maintains that she is single and a lot happier than when she was dating.

She’s currently reading a book by Collen Hoover titled It Ends With Us, a book she describes as very emotional.”…all I am getting from this book is that, sometimes it’s the one who loves you who hurts you the most.”

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