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25 Jan

Zinhle Masango; Beautiful, Stronger & Even Sexier!

For people on social media, particularly Instagram, if you haven’t encountered Zee_FitnessJunkie aka Zinhle Masango, what are you doing with your data? She is fitness goals and her body bangs. Zinhle has also been a victim of cyberbullying with people shaming her on her physique and we call those people haters. She is a mother, certified coach and has a full-time job in corporate, how she still squeezes in two-three sessions a day is an absolute wonder. We chat to her about all things fitness.

Zinhle describes herself as a hard worker and she also acknowledges that she can be quite intimidating to a lot of people when they first meet her but then they get to learn how easy-going she is. Having been doing weight training for a decade now, she shares that she has always faced bullying and shaming on social media for her muscular build which is also very sexy. It has taken years for Zinhle to not let the noise get to her but at times it gets too much, yesterday she broke down following slurs from cyberbullies. At one point, Zinhle underwent breast augmentation surgery to enhance her femininity.

Some of the things she has had to deal with, being a fit, big girl including “That we beat people up. Every time I post, I get comments like “yoh this one would beat you if you cheat on her”, “yoh I’m so scared of you”. My build comes from my abusive relationship. I was set on having a body that is specially intimidating to men so they would think twice before approaching me or lifting a hand at me. But like I said in the beginning I am a very chilled out person; hard exterior but very soft interior.

Zinhle’s sessions are usually an hour and she prefers weights to cardio. She recently partnered with another fitness queen Grace Motswana and together they do the Zee x Grace Bootcamp with one coming up on the 25th March in Melrose, Johannesburg. “We teamed up to show people that there’s power in unity. The fitness industry can be very catty and this was the best way to showcase unity and sisterhood.”

Similar to coach Dylan Labuschangne’s nutrition advice, Zinhle also follows the same rule pf feeling ones’ body with the right nutrients. “I eat a balanced diet containing my macronutrients; carbs, protein and fats. I usually supplement a lot on my micronutrients with vitamins. I also make sure I drink lots of water to stay hydrated. I would recommend a diet that comprises of both macronutrients and micronutrients.”

A Megan Thee Stallion fan, Zinhle has some bad days too, where she is not motivated to train. On those days, you will catch her watching motivational videos and she is lucky to have a community that motivates her.

Zihle is a mother to Khumo and she describes her motherhood experience as her favourite thing. She says her son teaches her a lot everyday and he looks at her with love, something she lives for. “He often says that the way I carry myself and do things has taught him never to give up and go for anything that he wants.”

She is a multi-award winning fitness influencer and she loves the perks that come with it. ” I believe having nominations and awards proves that people appreciate the work you put in on a daily. It also helps me attract more brands to work with. 

I stay ahead of the game but constantly changing myself (my body) while remaining true and unique. I am very open about my weight gain and weight loss journeys.” she says.

When not at the gym, Zinhle has a full life in corporate, enjoys spending time with her son and partner. She enjoys a good meal with a drink and of course sleep.

On how love has changed her life, she says “being in a relationship has definitely made me love myself more. I often give so much of myself to my son and work but my partner has taught me to take care of me and love me. He often does things for me that I don’t even think of doing for myself.”

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