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10 Oct

Siv Ngesi’s Hollywood Debut!

If you were to sit down with any actor, they would tell you that it’s every actor’s dream to achieve international stardom, let alone star in a star-studded Hollywood blockbuster such as Woman King. Sivuyile ‘Siv’ Ngesi has just done that, the talented actor stars in Woman King as The Migan, the leader of the male Army.

He tells us that he had auditioned for two parts for the film and he is grateful that he managed to get one of the parts he was eyeing.

Speaking about his character, Siv says that stepping into his role was a walk in the park.

“This is because I have always tried to be an ally and fight injustices and be the voice for the people and my character is exactly the same” he shared.

In the film, the seasoned TV presenter stars alongside the likes of Viola Davis, John Boyega, Thuso Mbedu, Lashana Lynch and Shiela Atim.

“What stood out about Viola for me is how authentic she is, she doesn’t behave like a star that she is, we had great conversations, not only about acting but life, and how she changes the world,” he shared.

“But the most important thing that I learnt from her is about making mistakes, she’s one of the best actresses in the world but makes mistakes, and learns from them and gains control thereafter.”

A few weeks ago, Siv lost his mother just as he was about to start promoting Woman King, the actor exclusively shared with Nounouche that he would have loved for his mother to be around to see the success of the film.

“I get messages of how proud she is of me, it really hurts me that she’s not here, I miss her incredible smile and beautiful words that she always shared with me,” he said.

Besides his many professional strides, Siv is also a professional pole dancer and although he was rediculed when he started out, he shares that now there’s a lot of love than hate.

“Pole dancing is the most difficult physical activity that I have ever done, I don’t gym anymore I do pole fitness and I am proud of myself so far I have won two competitions, one international and another local.”

Siv also introduced a drag character earlier this year and told Nounouche that for someone who grew around a lot of women it’s been great getting to learn about his feminine side, adding that he’s planning a show later in the year for Sivanna.


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