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2 Nov

Rapper TakeOff Has Died

Award-winning rapper and member of Grammy nominated rap group Migos, Takeoff has passed on at the age of 28.

According to multiple reports, the rapper whose real name was Kirshnik Khari Ball, was gunned down in the early hours of Tuesday morning while out with his uncle and fellow group member Quavo, when an altercation broke out, leaving him dead.

According to TMZ following the incident an emergency audio was released and in the audio dispatchers can be heard discussing the incident  revealing that five shots were fired. 

Further reports reveal that two other people were shot during the altercation and they were taken to hospital in private vehicles and their injuries were not life threatening. Takeoff was pronounced dead on the scene immediately after he was shot. 

Speaking to the media Houston Police Chief Troy Finner revealed that least two firearms were involved and added that their investigative team has no reason to believe that Takeoff was involved in anything criminal at the time of the shooting, or that he was directly targeted.

“Based on what people say about him, he’s well-respected, non-violent – I would not expect him to be involved,” he said.

While his record label paid tribute to him in a statement and said senseless violence and a stray bullet has taken another life from this world and they are devastated.

Takeoff was the youngest member of Migos.

According to reports he was often heralded as Migos most underrated piece, a spirited performer prone to bouts of introspection and was usually the group’s anchor, securing its songs through all of their motion.  

Migos is a well respected music group which made their mark in the music industry in 2013 with their mixtape Y.R.N. which had an infectious lead single Versace.

Despite being a part of Migos, Takeoff had his own solo career that he was building and his album The Last Rocket which he released in 2018 debuted number four on the Billboard Hot 200 making him an unignorable force in the fast-moving music industry, as his music more reflective and relatable. 

Previously speaking to the Fader, Takeoff once revealed that making music has always been his dream from a young age.

“In my spare time, I’d record myself. Find a beat, pulling them up. Just making something and creating for me. Just listening to the songs I made for myself, so I could rap to them, even if I didn’t put them out. I was getting my own pleasure out of it, because it’s what I liked doing, ” he said.

May his soul rest in peace!


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