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15 Aug

Muvhango Actresses Pay Homage To Characters

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In celebrating Women’s Month, Muvhango actresses  Maumela Mahuwa, Constance Sibiya, and Candy Magidimisa paid homage to the women they play in the show who inspire and empower others daily. 

Speaking to Nounouche Magazine, Maumela, who plays Susan Mukwevho says she is in awe of Susan, who went from being a docile housewife with no formal education, competing for space in her polygamous husband’s heart, to being a nurse. 

“Susan is a helpful reminder that a woman doesn’t always have to have her life in complete order,” she said. 

Maumela further said that she admires strong-willed women like Susan, who do not allow their circumstances to determine their future.

“Despite all the hurdles thrown her way in her marriage with a polygamous chief, she forged her way to be a professional nurse and gained confidence, stature, and courage.” 

“We witnessed her growing from being a meek housewife who allowed her husband to bring different women into their lives to becoming a matriarch of the Mukwebo family who stood up for herself.”

“Today she holds the mayoral position of Thathe which was reserved for men. I am also intrigued by her ability to use intelligence to solve problems,” she concluded. 

While Constance Sibiya, who plays Vho-Hangwani says Vho-Hangwani’s multiple strengths are what she loves about the character. 

“Vho-Hangwani is strong-willed and focused. I like the fact that she is blowing the lid off everything that people say about woman married to royalty. She promotes ideals of female independence.” 

“Although she is married to Gizara who is a member of the royal council, she is a strong, powerful woman who heads up her own business and never relies on a man to get the job done. I also love her strong maternal instincts,” she said. 

She also added that Vho-Hagwani’s dignity and motherly nature are inspirational.

Candy Magidimisa who plays Sharon Mukwevho told Nounouche that she is always intrigued by Sharon’s complex emotions.

“She makes mistakes but always tries to learn from them. She isn’t immune to influence, but she has her thoughts and feelings about her world and the things that happen within it.”

“While sometimes impulsive and susceptible to the manipulations of others, she is her person. She has her own identity and trajectory that she follows, as well as her own ambitions and goals outside her family’s expectations.”

“She has flaws just like everyone else, but what makes her strong is how she deals with her shortcomings,” she said. 

According to Candy, she says no job is small, young ladies should take up small jobs and grow from them as Sharon did with her character on the show. 

“She was a small character, a mere waiter but now she has transformed to be the manager of Waterside and she has intentions of owning it.  The future is bright for the South African girl-child,” she concluded.

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