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25 Jan

5 Hair Bloggers Worth Following!

Maintaining and taking care of your hair is not easy. There are so many routines, tips, hair products, and hairstyles to keep up with, maintenance day can get a bit overwhelming.

Here are 5 hair bloggers and stylists to help guide you into taking care of your hair and keep it looking amazing.

1. Yolenda Jawe (@yolzchannel)

Yolenda Jawe is an award-winning South African Youtuber. She is best known for her natural hair care content where she provides tips and tricks to taking care of your natural hair and recommendations of hair products that help with maintaining her hair. She is also known for her travel content as well. She is the founder of Yolz Beauty, a skin and beauty brand that uses natural and nutrient-rich ingredients to enhance the health and radiance of your skin.

2. Vicky Mak (@itsvickymak)

If you have relaxed hair, Vicky Mak is just who you need. Vicky Mak is a Relaxed-Hair Enthusiast. Her content on TikTok and Instagram is centred around relaxed and she provides tips on how to take care of your relaxed hair and hair routines that help you grow healthy relaxed hair. Her content is exactly what you need to maintain your relaxed hair and keep it healthy.

3. Hope Nomusa (@b.n.s_nomusa)

A very important step in maintaining your hair and keeping it healthy is putting your hair into a protective style to keep it safe from being damaged. But you don’t need to worry about braiding your own hair, Hope Nomusa has your back, as her slogan suggests “There’s Hope for All That Crust”. Hope Nomusa doesn’t just use words in a clever manner but she is also a hair-stylist based in Joburg and she does all types of braiding to help you keep your hair protected and she is the owner of a mobile-salon called Braids and Stuff. Let Hope take care of your hair needs.

4. Catherine Alexandra (@thecatherinealexandra)

Dreadlocks also need a good amount of love and maintenance. With the loc community growing rapidly, it is essential to know how to take care of your locs. Catherine Alexandra is a loc digital blogger, whose content on TikTok and Instagram consists of loc tips and maintenance routines that will help you grow healthy and strong locs. You can also go to her Instagram if you’re looking for inspiration for your next loc style.

5. Smangele Sibisi (@smarty_misshair)

Smangele Sibisi is a entrepreneur, natural hair stylist and loc specialist. She is the founder of Indalo Nubian Naturals, a hair salon that specializes in natural hair care and maintenance. She is also a mental health and wellness advocate and she runs an initiative called the “Indalo Cares Initiative”, where they help young girls in matric with hair, make-up, transportation, and outfits for their matric dance.      


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