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13 Mar

Should You Watch What You Eat?

Cooking and dining go a long way. You need to get to know your food well so you can  understand how to get the best out of it. There are a lot of messages and trends about all kinds of  food, but the one thing that will never change is nourishing your body.  

So, what to eat and when? First understand your lifestyle, are you on the move a lot, do you  work a desk job? Establish what you spend your time doing the most so you can work out best  the type of food that will work for you. For example, if you are constantly sitting then limit your  portions and limit your intake of food high in carbohydrates like, bread, pastas etc. These are the  types of food that provide high energy that you don’t need. And it’s the type of food that is going  to leave you feeling tired. Also, it’s important to remember that when energy is not used it turns  into fat. Rather go for food that helps you stay alert and keep you full for longer. This not only  helps you pay attention to what you actually put in your body but it saves you time in that you won’t have to worry about frequent trips to the refrigerator or pantry thus saving time and  money.  

Example of some food to incorporate in your diet; they are high in fiber, contain natural sugars  and are friendly for chronic disease. 

Vegetables Onions Sweet Corn Potatoes Cabbage Carrots Beetroot Green Vegetables Spinach Kale Green Beans Lettuce Celery  Parsley etc.Fruits Bananas Apples Berries Oranges Grapes Nectarines Pears Apricots Figs Guavas.Protein Eggs  Beans Nut butters  (Peanut/Almond) and off coz protein  can be found in some  vegetables like,  mushrooms,  avocados, Brussels  sprouts, lentils and  chickpeas.Carbohydrates Some of the best carbs  to go for are,  Sweet potatoes Quinoa Couscous Barley  Carrots.

Last but not least, keep your body hydrated. Water is the best source because it does not have  calories. However, some fruit and vegetables also contain fluids that are good for your body.  That’s even more reason to eat vegetables!


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